Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life Lesson #4

If God wants something to happen, He'll make it happen. If He doesn't want something to happen (that is, unless we are to learn from it), it won't happen. Period.

StreetJAM '08

Well...StreetJAM: Jesus And Music, the Christian battle of the bands that I was a part of, was a success!! For those of you who aren't already aware, here's how the process worked.

1. Bands from various churches throughout the city and the province composed original Christian songs of any style. (I'm with five guys and I sing lead.)
2. Bands practiced like crazy and went to Praise Charismatic Fellowship, the church that sponsored this event, to record the song to a CD.
3. Judges then listened to the demo CDs and selected bands to perform in the final event. (14 bands were selected this year.)
4. At a prejudging event, bands performed their songs and received constructive criticism from local judges and were given a few weeks to improve.
5. On Monday, February 18, in the Laoag City Amphitheater, the final concert was held. Judges came from both near and far and selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. A Texter's Choice Award was also given.

Although my band didn't win the competition (or place, for that matter), I really enjoyed being a part of things. This is the first time this type of event has ever taken place in Laoag and they plan to continue it for years to come. I had a blast at the concert - listening to other bands and cheering for them, hanging out with the other members of my band, etc. I'd love to return to watch next year, because I know it will definitely be much improved. I think pictures will be up sometime on this website, but they're not there yet.


Monday, February 11, 2008

"You are not welcome back here."

....That was my dad's comment when I told him my opinions of chicken head and feet, both of which I tried for the first time last night. (I said they were yummy. They are!)

See, I have this little "game" with some friends here wherein I have to try one new and exotic food each month. We started in December - I ate balut for the first time then (and actually liked it!). Not sure what my task for February is, as I've proved pretty easy to please thus far and am seeking more of a challenge. Ha. :]

In other news, our trip to Manila was wonderful. I had a blast shopping and being in the city (although the traffic is atrocious), and more importantly the conference was wonderful. Anne Graham Lotz spoke twice - her first session was called "Jesus is our Savior" and focused on the cross and His death, and second session was "Jesus is our Lord" and focused on the resurrection. Hearing her speak helped me get some things back into perspective and it was just what I needed. A very tiring weekend, but a blessed one.