Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home sweet home...

I am so thankful that even in the midst of all the craziness of my life I still find time to sit back and take in all of the wonder of God's creation. Like this little guy!!

What's been keeping me so busy? Lists. Many varieties, but for the most part: packing lists and lists of gifts/remembrances to buy. It's definitely a weird feeling preparing to come home. I feel ready to see all of my friends and family in the States, but I know I will never be fully ready to leave here. 

Pray for my dad, Billy Webb and his daughter Sarabeth - the three of them are currently on their way to the Philippines! They'll be arriving in Laoag on Thursday around 11:30 our time -- that's late Wednesday night in the US. I'll join them and some pastors on a trip to Fuga Island.... I don't know enough about the place to blog about it, so look for a blog when I come back. (And pictures! It's beautiful there!!) We're leaving on Saturday and should be home sometime on the 15th.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Youth camp - pictures

Before camp began, we surrounded the campgrounds with banners, declaring the place as belonging to the Lord.

Every morning began with a Bible study. Here I am teaching...I was a counselor for a group of ten 13-15 year olds.

A good friend came to visit and we sang together - Mark Schultz's "Remember Me." This was during one of the evening services.

Cheer dance competition! Every afternoon we (in four random groups) played games. In our counseling groups, we also participated in a singing competition and a spiritual cheer competition. It was definitely..interesting, to say the least.

Our bonfire on the last night....Before the bonfire some campers and leaders reenacted the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

With my and another counseling group - this was our group for the singing/cheer competitions.

Monday, April 14, 2008

So much to do, so little time!

Well, I made it through one week of camp -- one more to go!

Last week was the CMMP annual summer kids' camp. It's basically VBS in a camp setting. I taught one of the classes (12 years old). I definitely enjoyed myself, but it was an exhausting week. We stayed at CMMP's campground property in Gabu, a small town/village/whatever-you-want-to-call-it about 35 minutes outside of central Laoag and located right on the South China Sea. We all slept in tents and spent our week singing, playing games, learning, swimming, and getting pretty sandy. I don't think I got all of the sand off of me until I got home and took a bath.

Camp was for sure an overall success. I know the kids (and the staff!) had a great time. Many children were exposed to the Word for the first time, and on our last night of camp several of them accepted Christ. Praise God!

Agenda for this week: Leaving in a few hours for youth camp. Same type of setup, but totally different atmosphere. Hopefully my camera batteries cooperate and I'll have some pictures for you! (I'm serving as a camp counselor, praise and worship leader, and learning-new-songs instructor this week.) Keep us all in your prayers!

In Him,k

P.S. I don't know if you did or did not receive my email, but I still have many expenses to make and my funds for the rest of the year are running pretty low. I would appreciate any help you are able to offer me financially -- even $10.00 will help. If you'd like more information on my needs or where to send your checks, please email me at If you are not able to help me financially, I always appreciate and solicit your prayers. All my love --

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Theme Thursday (late): Style

I'm posting this week's Theme Thursday a few days late, as I had a hair crisis and didn't want to post this picture until it was solved.

Style. How perfect, seeing as I just got my hair cut! Here's my new "style."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Theme Thursday: Collection

I recently stumbled across Missy's blog and discovered Theme Thursday. Every week Stacy announces a different theme and participating bloggers post a picture/pictures relating to that theme.

This week's theme is collections.

As far as actual collections go, I can't say that I really have any, so I decided that (since I recently posted pictures of the things that make me dread coming home) I should create a collection of the things I'm looking forward to about coming home.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Planting seeds

Most of the people I interact with here aren’t that big on the prophetic, or “words from the Lord,” or visions and dreams, or any of that stuff. It’s not that they don’t believe in it. They do, at least as far as I know. They just don’t do it. They don’t mind it being done, but they’re not going to be the ones doing it, if that makes sense. 

So, when the Lord told me something I was supposed to share with the praise and worship team, I got scared. It’s not the first time He’s given me a word for someone (or in this case, a group of someones), but in the past I’ve been able to predict how that person would respond. This time, I had no clue. Would they listen to me? Would they freak out and think I was coming up with all of this on my own? Would they nod and smile but not take any of it into account? I didn’t know. So I just came up with excuses and made myself forget.

This week, my mom asked me about it. I felt so ashamed for not telling them about it that I got angry and just wanted to forget it. But as I prayed about it, the Lord gave me even more things to say and continued pushing me towards talking to them. So I did. And I think what I said stirred up at least a few of their hearts. 

I won’t go into too much detail about this, but I want to share some with you because I’d love for you to join with me in prayer for this group. 

Legs swinging beneath the table and palms sweating, I told the worship team what God told me: "I miss you."

Just as I miss hanging out with my friends and family, I said, He misses hanging out with them. And – I think this is something a lot of people don’t get – that doesn’t just mean prayer and time in the Word or in worship. Of course, those are great things, but it’s also important to go and sit at the feet of Jesus. I shared with them how how every second of every day I have to ask God to rip out of me everything that displeases Him – and still, I make Him sad at times. It's an everyday struggle. Before we can worship, before we can pray and before we can understand God's Word, we need to let Him clean us out. We need to find that quiet place and just be with Him.

Like I said, I wasn’t sure how they’d react, if at all. But they did! Our music pastor came up to me with tears in his eyes and thanked me. About half an hour later, as I was sitting in the street talking (my nightly ritual) two of the guys on the team came up to talk to me about it. I was able to share with them more personal stuff relating to this and get feedback from them. One told me that he felt sad as he heard me share, because he sees how true it all is.

I believe – I know – that the members of the worship team here are Christians. But I also believe that several of them have lost that pure, innocent relationship with God. The one where He’s all that matters, where you desire to be in His presence 24/7, not just during services or special events.

So pray for them.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life Lesson #5

This fish is very similar to the one I accidentally grabbed ahold of (thinking it was a leaf) while swimming in the absolutely 
beautiful waters of Pagudpud last Thursday afternoon. Needless to say, I was shocked that my pretty leaf had such energy and I remained pretty jumpy for the remainder of the afternoon.

So, now for the life lesson --- Take opportunities, no matter how small. They might not come around again.

Some opportunities I've taken in the past week (in no particular order):
1. Travel out of town.
2. Take an unexpected swim in a warm river.
3. Go jogging in the mornings.
4. Try a new type of fish.
5. Share a word from the Lord with a group of friends.
6. Watch 2 traditional Catholic parades during Holy Week.
7. Talk to an old friend (which is a bigger deal than it seems).
8. Babysit.
9. Dance.